Where to buy s*x toys online (even at Target)

Where to buy s*x toys online (even at Target)

Oh, the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis. 

Listen, y’all..s*x toys are a completely healthy part of our s*x lives. Be that as it may, a certain stigma may keep us from feeling comfortable enough to buy s*x toys in person. So we turn to the internet, and as usual, the internet provides. Never doubt it. 

Still, the internet’s kind of a big place, so allow us to narrow down a few places to satisfy all your s*x toy needs. Behold, the 11 best places to buy s*x toys online. 


If it’s s*x toys you’re looking for, the XBIZ Award winner for “International Pleasure Products Company of the Year” is a good place to start. Lovehoney can sell you toys, sure, but you can also find a podcast on their site that answers customer questions and delivers expert advice, s*x tips, and even little-known facts about s*x! Lovehoney is clearly committed to s****l health and wellness, making their online shopping experience easy and comfortable.  Read more…

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Where to buy s*x toys online (even at Target)