What Your Mercury Sign Means, According To Astrology

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What Your Mercury Sign Means, According To Astrology

What is a Mercury sign? When we think of Mercury, we think of
the smallest planet in our solar system.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and its orbit around
the Sun is the fastest one we know of.

This is why
Mercury is associated with speed, communication, and

This planet gets the job done. It orbits fast and delivers

Mercury is one of the planets that affect our lives and it is
also present in our zodiac.

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Generally, it rules Gemini and Virgo, but it is not restricted
to affecting these two zodiac signs only.

Mercury can pop up in one of our astrological houses, or it
might be in the sky during our birth month – and that is one of the
strongest ways Mercury affects us.

When Mercury transits during our astrological month, we feel

Mercury rules over transportation, messages of import, travel,
electricity, documents, books, plans, and speech.

What is a Mercury sign
and what significance does it have in
our lives?

How important is your Mercury sign?

Mercury is the main planetary influence for things like
thought, communication, the transfer of information

It rules data, science, and decision making.

This is an interesting idea considering
Mercury rules over Gemini
, and Gemini is notorious for not
being able to make a decision!

While it may conflict, what’s really coming up here is the idea
that if Mercury is off, so might one’s ability to decide.

In a way, one could say that Mercury is the planet that
influences synapses – we think and create because we are in sync
with the planetary force of Mercury.

What’s important to know about Mercury as a sign in your own
life, is that it’s inescapable.

As long as this planet is in the sky – it’s hovering over you,
part and parcel of the very solar system we live in.

If you want to get your point across – you do it because

Mercury is balanced in your natal chart

This is also why the world seems to go haywire when the infamous
“Mercury in Retrograde” occurs.

This is the dreaded time when Mercury lags in its orbit, thus
bringing down the communications and travel here on Earth.

Mercury retrograde is the perfect way to understand that we are
indeed affected by the planets that surround us.

Here we have a list of how Mercury plays out in your own sign,
and what you can expect when Mercury enters the orbit of your
particular sign.

Here’s what your Mercury sign means, according to astrology:
Mercury in Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Because Aries zodiac signs are not known for their patience, the
presence of Mercury in this part of the natal chart makes their
patience even shorter.

There is virtually no attention span here, and mistakes are
easily made due to Aries’ need for instant gratification.

Mercury in Aries
brings out the child in the adult
, almost to the point of

In terms of communication – people with their Mercury in Aries
can keep their cool, they can truly get their point across, due to
the Mercury influence.

Mercury in Aries can stir up tremendous enthusiasm and vigor;
many who experience this transit get a rush of inspiration.

New ideas are thrilling and easily attainable … so long as
retrograde is not in effect.

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Mercury in Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This interplanetary event creates deep thinkers.

Taureans are naturally thoughtful people, and the presence of
Mercury in Taurus
makes a person less lazy and more resourceful

Mercury in the sign of Taurus does a person good; it gets them
out of the bed and into the workplace – on time.

Another Mercury in Taurus quality is the ability to listen, as a
real friend might do.

Mercury amps up that tendency – that’s the communication part
going to work.

Friendships blossom and bloom for the Mercury in Taurus

They are trustworthy and reliable – these folks are the ones to
turn to for advice.

Mercury in Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

If you’re looking for snappy banter,
Mercury in Gemini will bring the goods right to your door

What you might notice, however, is that it’s strictly

Sure, zodiac signs with Mercury in Gemini can hold a decent
conversation, but the Mercury influence doesn’t allow them to spend
enough time with anyone to let it get too deep.

Gemini zodiac signs can be a snob
, we must never forget this –
and this trait is pumped up by Mercury in Gemini…which can make
the person a bit arrogant.

They may mean well, but they have a tendency to come off as not
caring, less compassionate than they intend to be.

They think fast, but they also speak without thinking, and this
tends to get them in trouble.

Mercury in Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This is an interesting mixture.

Here we have the quick,
irrational nature of Mercury
, in all of its speed and mania,
mixed with the cool rationale of a Cancer zodiac sign.

How this manifests is through anxiety.

Cancer person will take things too seriously
, get offended,
misconstrue actions and take them to heart.

Mercury affects the memory and Cancer already has a great
memory, which means that a Mercury in Cancer zodiac sign might
spend a little too much time in the past, going over old bones to
pick – not letting go.

In communication, however, this heightens the experience of
talking for them, allowing them to be very analytical and helpful
to those in need.

They make very good spiritual advisors.

Mercury in Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Here’s where we just have to stand back and watch Leo do their

If communication is the kicker here, then what we’re looking at
is the ultimate show-off, the
King of communication
…so much so that if you dare to look
away from them as they’re orating, they will roar so loudly in your
direction that you will be forced to endure their wrath – and

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What Your Mercury Sign Means, According To Astrology