Venus' Transit of Libra and Venus Rx

 Photo by Tasha Kamrowski from  Pexels

Photo by Tasha Kamrowski from Pexels

Venus enters Libra, the sign she rules, on August 6th (7:27 PM EDT).

All the Libra cliches come out in full force – people-pleasing, co-dependency, projection, superficiality. 

But we’ll also see social grace, harmony, cooperation and the ability to achieve a fine balance between any two opposites. Venus in Libra is the lady of steel – no one sees the grit behind the sweet smile. 

All Venus transits are about attracting what you put out, but when she’s in Libra this attains almost magical intensity. During this transit, the reflection is key – pay attention to how others react to you, because they are probably mirroring your issues. Venus in Libra learns through her relationships. She sees herself in the eyes of others. 

Balance is the ultimate goal, and this does not mean making everyone happy at the expense of your happiness (that’s an imbalance). This transit may hi-light where you’re unhappy or who doesn’t treat you well, so you can see that imbalance. And then you correct it. 

This particular transit will feature part of Venus’ Rx (starting in Scorpio). In the aspects below, I’ll list Venus’ Rx aspects in Libra, but I’ll cover the Scorpio portion of the retrograde when she actually enters Scorpio. But for now, consider her Rx retreat from Scorpio back into Libra as a re-examination of what you want and what makes you happy in the context of your relationship to others. Venus Rx in Scorpio is the deep dive into raw authenticity, intimacy and inner values, and this will trigger a re-appraisal of the balance/imbalance (Libra) between you and others. 

The Mars/Venus Dance

Mars stationed Rx at 9 degrees Aquarius on June 26th, (direct at 28 degrees Capricorn on August 27th, 2018). Venus stations Rx at 10 degrees Scorpio (direct at 25 degrees Libra). The signs/degrees that Venus and Mars station direct and Rx square each other, which tells us that tension between action and attraction is an underlying theme of both Mars Rx and Venus Rx. If you check your chart and anything is aspected by Mars or Venus Rx, you’ll probably see that they both makes hits to the same planets over the period from June 26th to November 16th. Mars is Rx now, so it’s already begun- what his delayed or reviewed actions triggered will be revisited by Venus, in the guise of what you’ve attracted. 

Check the pattern and see how it plays out in your chart. What are your actions attracting?

Here are the aspects Venus in Libra will make:

  • Aug 6th: trine Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius (0 deg)
  • Aug 7th: trine to Mars Rx in Aquarius (1 deg)
  • Aug 8th: opposite Chiron Rx in Aries (1 deg)
  • Aug 9th: inconjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus (2 deg)
  • Aug 9th: square Saturn Rx in Capricorn (3 deg)
  • Aug 12th: trine the South Node in Aquarius (5 deg)
  • Aug 18th: sextile Mercury Rx in Leo (11 deg)
  • Aug 22nd: inconjunct Neptune Rx in Pisces (15 deg)
  • Aug 26th: square Pluto Rx in Capricorn (19 deg)
  • Sept 1st: inconjunct Juno in Taurus (24 deg)
  • Sept 3rd: sextile Mercury in Leo (25 deg)
  • Sept 4th: sextile Vesta in Sagittarius (26 deg)
  • Sept 8th: square Mars in Capricorn (29 deg)
  • Sept 9th: Scorpio ingress
  • Oct 5th: stations Rx in Scorpio (10 deg)
  • Oct 31st: Rx ingress into Libra
  • Nov 3rd: inconjunct to Chiron Rx in Pisces (28 deg)
  • Nov 3rd: inconjunct Juno Rx in Taurus (28 deg)
  • Nov 5th: conjunct Ceres (27 deg)
  • Nov 9th: trine Mars in Aquarius (26 deg)
  • Nov 16th: stations direct in Libra (25 deg)
  • Nov 18th: inconjunct Juno Rx in Taurus (25 deg)
  • Nov 23rd: square Vesta in Capricorn (26 deg)
  • Nov 28th: inconjunct to Chiron in Pisces (27 deg)
  • Nov 28th: square the North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn (28 deg)
  • Nov 30th: opposite Uranus Rx in Aries (29 deg)
  • Dec 2nd: Scorpio ingress

Source: FS – All – Astrology
Venus' Transit of Libra and Venus Rx