US actress Lindsey Lohan thanks Dubai police for coronavirus efforts

Thu, 2020-04-30 11:56

DUBAI: American actress Lindsey Lohan, who has been living in
Dubai since 2008, took to Instagram to thank the UAE government for
keeping the country safe during the ongoing worldwide coronavirus

The “Mean Girls†star posted a series of pictures on
Wednesday of herself standing next to members of the Dubai police
while wearing a face mask and gloves.

“I wanted to thank the government of the UAE and the Dubai
police for their continued support during these uncertain times and
keeping this country safe. Wishing everyone a blessed month,†the
star wrote to her 8.3 million followers.

The 33-year-old singer recently appeared on the chat show
“Lights Out With David Spade†to promote her new single,
“Back To Meâ€. During her conversation with Spade, Lohan talked
about her experience of living in Dubai.

“It’s a city built on desert,†she said in her 17-minute
video chat. “I came here in 2008 when they’d just finished
building the Atlantis Hotel and there was none of this here. There
was no DIFC, Downtown, Dubai Mall… anything that there is

The star also spoke about the rules that Dubai has imposed on
residents during the COVID-19 lockdown. “They are very strict
here… You are not allowed outside. They take it very
seriously,†she said.

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US actress Lindsey Lohan thanks Dubai police for coronavirus