Uncovering Truths During The Super Pink Full Moon in Libra


Astrology by Lisa

The Super Pink Full Moon in Libra is here! With this blessed and
intense luminary, we can expect to shatter illusions and work with
truths that the universe is unearthing for us on April 7th. Our
hearts and our minds will encounter a great reveal — which will
change all of our lives. 


The Super Pink Full Moon occurs in the airy sign of Libra, which
means we will be cosmically tasked to understand relationships and
make decisive actions about partnerships. During this luminary, we
will feel the pull between our needs and the desires of others.
We’ll need to embrace compromise in order to work effectively
with others — but know where to draw limits so that our egos
aren’t hurt along the way. Keep in mind that Libra is the only
sign of the zodiac that does not have a heart. Meaning, it’s the
only sun sign that’s not a living and breathing thing. Libra is
the scales of justice and a cardinal sign. This means that we can
take mindful action, as long as we deem it necessary and just. We
can commit or let go from another, if we know all the cold hard
facts and truths about their past (or, they know all of our secrets
and indiscretions too). 


The Sabian Symbol for the Supermoon is “A Gang Of Robbers In
Hiding.” With the Moon’s minor inconjunct aspect to Neptune, we
can expect truths to be unmasked, or conversely, we may believe too
in a particular vision that we ignore the red flags along the


During this luminary, it’s important to call upon the
elementals (beings who control all the elements, who are invisible
to the human eye) — particularly the faeries (who rule the
element of air), who can help us gain clarity and information that
can give us the emotional insight we need in order to make
important choices regarding partnerships. Draw a circle of
protection in the air. Concentrate on your breathing. Think of the
truth you wish to uncover. Meditate on visions of the sky and
clouds. Imagine a single faerie zipping around in the air. Now, it
stops and looks straight at you, in the eye. Don’t cower away.
Ask the faerie your questions. Let the faerie buzz around you, as
you fly on a mystical ride in the sky along its side. Pay attention
to the journey you are on, while in a trance like state, and allow
yourself to see all the information you need. The faerie will
whisper the information you wish to uncover and lift the veil from
your eyes — letting you see the light and exposing you to the
truth. Now, you can move forward with the knowledge you need to
move forward, also to make proper decisions about your life and



*The Super Pink Full Moon occurs on April 7th at 7:35PM PST and
10:35PM EST.   
Source: FS – All – Astrology
Uncovering Truths During The Super Pink Full Moon in Libra