Three Must Have Resources for Your New Year

Every year Chad and I talk about our goals together and my
favorite part is when we talk about goals we have for updating and
caring for our home and property.

I also enjoy getting to think back through the year and writing
down all the changes we made to our home. It’s such a fun
practice, if you’ve never done it, grab a sheet of paper and
think back through 2020 or�look back through your phone and write
down any changes you made for the better. 

I count EVERYTHING–even reorganizing the pantry! It’s
so motivating and makes me realize how much we can accomplish in a
year, even if it feels like we didn’t do much at all. 

For example, this year, we added a raised
garden bed
our family room
 (still finishing that up) and we hired a local
landscaper to help us come up with a landscaping plan for our 12
acre property. See that last one–all we did was meet with the guy
and hire him, nothing has even changed yet but I’m still giving
ourselves credit for that hard, invisible work.

There are three main resources that help keep me on track for
goal setting, working through the steps and recording all that
we’ve done –in our home, in my work, in my life and they are so
vital to how I approach my days that I thought this was the perfect
time to share them with you.

1. Full Focus Planner

This is my favorite daily planner of all time and this it my
fourth year using the FFP. I’ve used it through the last two book
deadlines of writing and launching, planning events, setting goals
and keeping up with my calendar. This is a quarterly planner that I
carry with me everywhere, usually in my purse and it is always near
me–even on vacation because I love it and it’s great for taking

I like the classic planner in oatmeal and the executive in brown

2. Power Sheets and Goal Planner

This is just my second year using this spiral bound planner. For
me, it’s worth it just for the first 30 pages, this is what helps
me set my goals up for the year in a way that feels true to who I
want to be, and, I just keep it open on a far corner of my desk and
after the first of the year work, I check in on it monthly.

 3. The
Next Right Thing Guided Journal 
— a brand new release and
companion to the best selling Next Right Thing book.

Backstory. Since I’ve been using the Full Focus Planner, at
the end of every year, I find myself grabbing all four of the past
year’s planners along with a highlighter and going through the
pages looking for important notes, quotes and ideas. 

I’d mark them with a sticky bookmark and then jot them down on
random paper to gather my most meaningful thoughts and ideas. This
is one way I’d remember projects we’ve done in our home too and
it was a janky and clunky way of reflection to set me up to begin
the new year.

No more! Now, with The Next Right Thing
Journal, I have a dedicated place to record all of my most
meaningful and importntat thoughts and ideas that I always worried
were falling through the cracks of my practical daily planner. 

The NRT Journal helps you capture how your feel, how the events
daily habits, and everyday life are impacting you so that you are
sure to make meaningful changes in the future. It was the missing
link in my planner/journal life and I think you’ll find there’s
nothing out there like it. 

Click here to order the Next Right Thing Guided Journal 
says they are out but I’ve been assured they have inventory,
they’re just a bit behind getting it listed as available).
Or here
at B&N
 and Target and

Alrighty, next week, back to pretty house photos and
encouragement but I just couldn’t help but share these three must
haves–they really are the key for me to organizing my work, home
and life.

PS, Want to see these planners in action? I created a highlight
on Instagram explaining more and sharing the inside of each
planner. Click
here to watch the videos.

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Three Must Have Resources for Your New Year
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Three Must Have Resources for Your New Year