Return of the Room Divider

I read an article the other day that stated the one design style
everyone was saying goodbye to was open concept living spaces,
where the kitchen, dining, and living are all one. A major impact
of the pandemic is the need for private or semiprivate spaces in
shared homes where people can retreat for solitude.

When our public schools closed and all the learning went online,
my teenage son needed privacy for his classes, so I hung curtains
in the open doorway of the downstairs study so he could attend Zoom
classes and work on his homework in private. When he goes back to
campus, the curtains will come down. Below are creative ways to add
privacy solutions to your open or shared spaces.

Floor to ceiling cabinets are one option for creating a room
divider and also incorporating storage. This creative installation
creates a functional foyer where there wasn’t one before.


Spaces can also be separated with slatted walls and a bench
combination like in these hallways. This divider allows for partial
privacy and the flow of light.

olive and iris

soa architecture

diy instructions via
leroy merlin


This half wall with creative cubby shelf installation created a
semi-private bedroom space.

hop fab


An isolated sleeping area was created with cabinets and slatted


slatted wood architectural trend
is still going strong, both
indoors and out. This sleek and modern style creates separation,
but allows for natural light. It’s not a privacy solution, but it
is a beautiful design element.

Polish up your styling skills to display books and decorative
objects with built in or freestanding shelving designs that
physically separate spaces.

via instagram


Glass partitions are a sophisticated style statement, they
create a physical divide, not privacy, but they are stunning!

daily dream decor


entrance makleri


This slatted partition incorporates a television into its
design. Via Akihaus.


I like this structural design for creating a hidden nook, it
looks like an doable DIY project combining wood with opaque

source unknown


Joanna Gaines divided a space with this
creative pony wall and shelving combination


This pony wall and pole divider separates the bedroom from
living space but allows for natural light to flow. Via
Coco Lapine


Double sided open and modular shelving separates rooms while
incorporating space for displaying decor.

via workshop

doherty design
via frenchy fancy



Create temporary, semi-permanent, and moveable privacy solutions
with the following options:

Bookshelves can be used to create partitions between spaces like
this Brooklyn loft


DIY headboard and closet
also serves as storage bench, it
separates the bedroom space from the living space.

vt wonen


Create a corner room with the
VIGDA system
at IKEA.


These adjustable sliding
are available in several different textures and


These composite screens
(available in four colors) are versatile enough to be used indoors
or out.


These vinyl screen panels
work indoors and out as well (also in white).


Freestanding privacy screens have been used for centuries to
create a hidden area in a larger room. These always remind me of
old movies and westerns when the gals would be changing their
clothes behind a privacy screen while still talking to another
character and then come out from behind them in a new outfit.

ria room divider

bamboo privacy screen (also
in natural)


magazine divider



shoji window pane

multi panel room divider
(several finishes)

gold four panel divider

carved wood room


Do any of these looks inspire you to create a partition? What
solutions have you used in your home to divide spaces and create
more privacy? Screens, shelving, or curtains?

Source: FS – All – Decorations – Home Decor
Return of the Room Divider