November 25th, 2018: Make Time to Nurture

 Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

Photo by Tatiana from Pexels

  • Waning Inconjunct between the Cancer Moon and
    Sagittarius Sun/Jupiter (3 deg)

  • Mars in Pisces trine Ceres in Scorpio (5

The Waning Inconjunct takes the expansive energy of
November 23rd’s Full Moon
and reminds you that it’s time to
pause and look after yourself or someone close to you. The
Jupiter-fuelled situation has a personal side. Or, you need to
honour some intimate needs/family/security amidst the rush of
bigger issues. A matter involving right/wrong, exploration, faith
or wisdom has a distinctly familiar angle.

Mars/Ceres can help with the above as compassionate or spiritual
actions support deep nurturing. The more you let go, allow or move
with the prevailing current, the greater the intensity of
unconditional care and support. This is nurturing that is not
afraid to move through loss to the other side.

Source: FS – All – Astrology
November 25th, 2018: Make Time to Nurture