New Moon in Capricorn + Uranus Stations Direct=Boom!


How are you? I know I am using every ounce of my
mind-body-spirit to navigate what is being called 1) unprecedented
times; 2) challenging times; 3) divisive times…and on & on.
Frankly, there are no words! If you are like me…you are still

What happened at the US Capital was a horrific loss; of human
lives, and, in the confidence and trust we have placed in our
leaders, and in the idea of the USA; the worlds’ bastion of

You and I, and in varying degrees, everyone, continue to wrestle
what we experienced on Epiphany Day 2021 at the US Capital
Building. The replay within our minds triggers all the pernicious
emotions; anger, grief, fear, worry and anxiety. And these emotions
trigger a landslide of reactions which need to be individually
healed within and without.

How? For some of us its through an uptake of doing more research
(mind tools) to `understand’. Others turn to bodily comfort
through exercise or napping (great!) Emotional eating (or drinking)
may emerge as the not-as-great choices, although please don’t
judge yourself for taking an extra `spoonful of sugar!’ All of us
can benefit from embracing our spiritual tools of prayer and
meditation. Find your `Vesta’ in your chart and practice your

Think of this as a note to remind you of what you already know;
during times of great stress be gentle with yourself. Observe and
do not integrate the pernicious emotions within by ‘taking them
into your heart.’ Detachment and discernment helps. Resolve to
identify `where’ Aquarius occurs in your chart and fan it’s
brilliance. Practice (very) big Aquarius (air sign) breaths. Love
from afar. Get away from the `noise and clamor’ and find rest and
retreat within yourself.

Why Aquarius? Because we are beginning to experience, the first
drum beats of the Aquarius Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction; truth will
prevail but in a pace of stop-start, brakes-acceleration mirrored
by the expansion/contracting tone of the planetary duo.

The conjunction heralds the reality of the interconnectedness of
the Aquarian New Era. (not Age….yet😊) with the tools of technocracy scrambling for
power-manipulation-control. Who decides who can communicate with
who? Apparently, some bunches of some people believe they know what
is best for all. Proof of this poisonous mindset is indicated by
the social media purge which began during the Mars opposition Sun
period of mid-October 2020 when tens of thousands of independent
voices were DE platformed from the bemouths Facebook, you tube and

And then there was moon conjunct south node day in Sagittarius
(1/9/21) when the President of the United States was banned from
twitter. Sagittarius is the sign of truth, liberty, and freedom.
When the energy of any sign is in the southern node position (every
18.5 years) the essence of the sign is compromised and struggles.
Oh my. How the USA’s rising sign in Sagittarius is now

The hallmark of a any free society is the free exchange of
ideas. I know…. I know… the arguments AGAINST free speech,
including social media platforms are `private companies’ who can
and do make their own rules. However…. we are now experiencers of
the `4th Industrial revolution’ a time when our everyday reality
(Gemini north node) requires tools (Gemini) reflective of the
times. Internet, social media, computers are essential for the new
economy, and social political structure. Control the tools and you
create a totalitarian toolbox creating tyranny.

Remember that we are now in a war… of words, and, that war has
only intensified since the solar eclipse of December 14th. As I
write this, we are in the last vestiges of this Sagittarius lunar
cycle which is called the balsamic phase. It is time to release,
surrender and let go of that which we cannot control. To be clear
the balsamic cycle is not about surrendering per se, rather,
letting go of the drama trauma, that is, let Go & Let God.

We start anew on Wednesday January 13th at 12:00 am EST, a new


The cosmos certainly has a sense of humor! This New Moon is on
the same sabian degree of the `Capricorn line-up’ that took place
LAST January which ushered in the 2020 year of Transformation. This
means as of Wednesday the 13th we have come full circle in our
personal and social political transformation.

Back then and now we are ending/beginning a new chapter at the
degree of the `A General receives two awards for bravery.’ The
degree right before is `A General accepts defeat gracefully.’

WOW! Before I state, or you think `the obvious’ let’s jump
away from the drama trauma unfolding before our eyes in the USA.
Let us detach from identifying with any `outcomes’ and bring this
immensely powerful Capricorn energy into the realm of the

Capricorn is the energy of the following: respect, reliability,
responsibility, and relevancy. In the past year in what ways have
you become `more of ‘the five `R’s of Capricorn? What
challenges, conflicts and confounding difficulties have you
overcome over these past twelve months? In some way the New Moon in
Capricorn on the 13th is `everyone’s’ special day of
recognition; a new moon, a new era, and a time to congratulate
yourself for a year well done. Accept your `awards.’

What is different from this January from last is that the
Capricorn New Moon is conjunct the power impulse, Pluto, Mr.
`Intense’, the `godfather’, the volcano. Boom! We are posed for
yet another intense time of laser-specific transformation with long
lasting results.


For each of us the call to claim our relevancy is right around
the corner; December 13th at 12:00 am EST. Prepare now to allow
these `Boom’ energies to flow and guide you. Congratulate YOU for
at least `two major’ accomplishments you have achieved over these
past twelve months.

So, identify where the New Moon conjunct Pluto is in your chart;
it will hold the key for you on-going commitment of finding
relevancy in your world through hard-work, discipline, and a
thorough commitment to responsibility and respectful

If you wish to learn MORE about this important cycle PLUS the
station direct of the `unpredictable planet’ Uranus this
week….then join me on Thursday 1/14 for a zoom class at 7:00 pm.
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Many blessings,


Source: FS – All – Astrology
New Moon in Capricorn + Uranus Stations Direct=Boom!