Dear Abby: My boyfriend’s parents walk in on us whenever they want, even when we’re in bed

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend and I have been living
together for almost five years. His parents bought a house a few
doors down. They pop in whenever they feel like it and even walk
into our bedroom while we are in bed. I need this to stop.


His mother and I had a falling-out in the past because she felt
she had a right to control everything down to where I keep my dirty

This is a touchy subject with my boyfriend, let alone his
mother. Please help me.


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DEAR NEEDS PRIVACY: No one should enter your home
without first asking permission, and that goes for your
boyfriend’s parents. That they would enter your bedroom while you
and their son are in bed is over the top.

I fail to understand why this would be a “touchy†subject
with your boyfriend. When he became an adult and moved out of his
parents’ home, surely it had something to do with privacy. It’s
time you changed the locks on your doors.

Hash this out with a professional mediator if necessary. If you
cannot do that, start counting your blessings. Chief among them
should be thanking the Lord this woman is not your

DEAR ABBY: I’m a 16-year-old girl with a
problem. It takes me forever to choose an outfit in the morning, no
matter the occasion. It’s not that I’m a fashionista. It’s
just that I can’t seem to put together anything that makes me
feel comfortable.

I’ll put something on, think I like it, walk into the bathroom
and then notice things about it that I don’t like. It’s
starting to get on my nerves. I have tried shopping for clothes
that I know I like, but even then, it seems like I’m changing my
outfit three or four times before I leave. How can I make myself
feel more comfortable about what I’m wearing?


DEAR FASHION STRUGGLE: Try laying your clothes
out and coordinating your accessories the night before. After you
have done it, leave the room for an hour or so. If you like what
you have assembled before you go to bed, the chances are better
that you will like it in the morning. You will also be less
stressed and won’t have wasted time obsessing before leaving the

DEAR ABBY: I am hurting because my mother
favors my brother. I talked to her about it a few times, but she
said it hurts her when I say things like that. I don’t bring it
up to her now, but I am very troubled by it.

I have invited her to visit so she could meet my fiance, but she
refuses. She says it’s too long a drive.

I miss her tremendously and want to see her. My fiance told me
to give it time, but I don’t think it’s fair. What can I do
about this situation?


DEAR RANKED SECOND: Because you miss your
mother and want to see her, I suggest you make the long drive and
visit her. And when you do, bring along your fiance.

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Dear Abby: My boyfriend’s parents walk in on us whenever
they want, even when we’re in bed