Coyote bites runner at Moraga’s Campolindo High School

MORAGA — A man stretching before a run was bitten on the leg
by a coyote Friday morning at the Campolindo High School track,
police said.

Another runner was able to chase the coyote away and it is being

The attack happened about 6:30 a.m. Friday at the track at the
school, which is at 300 Moraga Rd.

It was not immediately known if the man was treated at the scene
or was taken to a hospital.

Police said the California Department of Fish and Wildlife was
notified of the attack and is investigating.

Police said that officers recently observed a coyote walking
through the Rheem Center parking lot, and that although the coyote
was not interacting with any people, one person tried to feed it as
it passed Starbucks.

Police warned that the public should not try to feed or pet
coyotes because they are wild animals and their behavior is

Polilce said anyone being followed by a coyote should make loud
noises, and if that fails, throw rocks or other items in the
animal’s direction.

Also, people should be aware of their surroundings when outdoors
and not leave small children or pets unattended.� Special care
should be taken at dusk and dawn when coyotes are known to be

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Source: FS – All – Interesting – News 2
Coyote bites runner at Moraga’s Campolindo High