Coronavirus: Outbreak in Contra Costa jails under investigation

Contra Costa Health Services said its staff is investigating an
outbreak of COVID-19 among three dozen inmates at two detention

In a statement Wednesday evening, the department said 36 inmates
at the Martinez and West County detention facilities have tested
positive for COVID-19, but none required hospitalization as of
Wednesday morning.

The outbreak apparently began in the Martinez jail, followed by
cases in Richmond after a transfer of one or more inmates, and
staff have not yet found if all cases are part of a single

Inmates who may have been exposed to the virus are under
quarantine, with all staff and inmates who may have contact with
positive testing inmates getting tests of their own.

Inmates booked into jails are first tested and held in
quarantine for 14 days before transfer to the general population,
health staff said, with symptomatic inmates tested and all inmates
offered repeat tests on demand. Jail staff receive tests every two

When asked about up-to-date access to inmate conditions, a
Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office spokesman deferred to the
county’s health department. a reporter with KTVU previously
inquired about access was referred to a data portal tracking the
virus’ spread in detention facilities that appeared to run as
much as two weeks behind current dates and had not been updated
since last week.

Check back for updates.

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Source: FS – All – Interesting – News 2
Coronavirus: Outbreak in Contra Costa jails under