A Note on Style: Slightly Overdressed

Hello, LDV readers. It’s Karima from A Note on Style. Here we are
mid-January and I’m finally getting into my groove. I started the
new year much like I ended the last in a deep state of comfort
centric clothing. But this has gone on too long. My outfits were
uninspired and thoughtless and the repetition was zapping my energy
and creativity. For nothing more than to lift my spirits, I need to
shake things up. It’s time for a few tweaks.

I’ve decided to put a little more effort into getting dressed.
Even on days when I’m not leaving the house, at a minimum I’ll
slip on a great shoe and wear a few pieces of jewelry. I’m tired
of seeing a closet full of beautiful things untouched month after
month. Out come relaxed dresses and pleated skirts. I’ll still
wear jeans and joggers, but pair them with a chic flat as if I were
going out. I never thought I’d be over the comfort of shearling
Birkenstocks, but the time has come.

I’m missing polish. Donning a few pieces of jewelry
contributes to the more pulled together look I’m after. Rummaging
through my jewelry drawer feels like I’ve found old friends.
Almost every piece has a story attached and sparks a memory of good
times. I especially love rings right now with my hands taking
center stage all day on the keyboard. Necklaces are good too.
It’s wonders what a strand of pearls can do to brighten up
even the most doldrum outfit.

My beauty routine has basically been minimized to skincare.
Makeup is rarely used when I’m at home all day. Originally (first
lockdown), I embraced the idea of going natural but there are
plenty of days when I just look washed out and tired. I can’t say
that doesn’t affect my mood. A quick pick me up in the form of a
swipe of lipstick changes everything. A true hero product! My hair
is in a similar situation. I’ve been letting it air dry which is
rarely a success. So rather than be unhappy with it misbehaving,
I’ll toss on a cashmere beanie or tie on a
head scarf.

It’s a start but these little tweaks make a difference. I may
be slightly overdressed for hanging out at home, but I’m starting
to feel like myself again.

Gucci lipstick, pearl
necklace, belted
Larkspur & Hawk etched dome ring, Valentino
Ole Lynggaard snake ring

photos from top: self; Paulina Wesolowska; Rafa Gallar


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A Note on Style: Slightly Overdressed