6 Feng Shui Tips Every Novice Should Know

Feng shui is all about creating harmony between your inner self and the world around you, but if we’re being totally honest, incorporating it into your home is hard stuff.

Similar to the latest trends in tech, fashion, or design, the definition of good feng shui is constantly evolving, which means your home should follow suit. Ugh.

“It can be intimidating—even for us consultants,” says Laura Cerrano, founder and CEO of consulting firm Feng Shui Manhattan. “Becoming a master takes years of experience—it’s a very humbling practice.”

If you want to fully integrate feng shui into your home, Cerrano recommends attending a class or enlisting a consultant. However, if you just want to add a little good juju into your space, here are some basic—we’re talking very basic—tips for getting your feng shui on:


Source: FS – All – Decorations – Home Decor
6 Feng Shui Tips Every Novice Should Know