3 Ways to Find Open Box Deals Online

How to score deep discounts with warehouse deals and liquidation
sales with online “scratch and dent” shopping.

You know what’s cool about inviting a bunch of visitors to
your house?

Suddenly all of the house projects you’ve been putting off for
weeks/months/years get bumped way up on the priority list. Before
you know it, paint is getting touched up, light bulbs are finally
getting changed, and rooms are getting fluffed.

Oh yeah, and having your actual guests over is kind of a perk
too. 😉

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That’s our story anyway.

Robert and I decided this week that we’ll be hosting
Thanksgiving at our house this year so that meant a quickie dining
room spruce!

I’d been meaning to swap out the chandelier ever since we
moved in, and our bleached jute rug was all kinds of gross from
puppy training two years ago.

So now she’s all spruced!

I realized yesterday that I’ve never shared one of the BEST
resources for scoring discounts since it’s exactly how I found
our new
on a super markdown. And I found the perfect replacement
for our old jute pee pad.

Open box online shopping.

Open box discounts are basically just items people returned
after purchase when something didn’t fit or it had a small
flaw… like a scratch or dent. When that happens, retailers list
the items on markdown to be resold.

You can find open box deals on: 1. Wayfair Open Box
Amazon Warehouse
3. Overstock

And sometimes you can stack coupon codes and other discounts on
top of the already marked down items.

Before I buy new, I usually try to search those three places to
see if I can find an open box deal first.

I did it this time for our dining room spruce and ended up
saving about 60% on the chandelier. And I couldn’t find a single
thing wrong with it when it arrived.

Maybe that little tip was something you already knew, but I hope
it helps some of y’all.

If you want to know about any of the sources in our dining room,
you can find them here:

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So we’re Thanksgiving ready now! A whole 7 weeks early.
Maaaaaybe I’ll bust out a pumpkin for the occasion, but I’m
still really feeling the neutral vibe with just a few olive
branches in a vase. Less is more.


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3 Ways to Find Open Box Deals Online
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3 Ways to Find Open Box Deals Online